Exercises For Erectile DysfunctionExercises For Erectile Dysfunction Program

Pelvic floor muscles, referred to as Kegel muscles after the doctor conducted a research on their functions, carry out sexual, urinary and prostate functions. They are also known as Perineal Muscles. They are responsible for erectile functions of the male organ and pumping of ejaculations.

If the pelvic floor muscles are weak, the result is weak or no erections, premature ejaculations and post urinary dribble. This will result in anxiety, embarrassment and unsatisfactory sexual intercourse.Even more embarrassing is urine dribble on the front of one’s trouser or pants each time one takes a pee. This is a result of the urine coming out weakly and in breaks. When one thinks they have they emptied their bladder, some urine continue to come out after they have finished urinating.

Fortunately, it is possible to work out these kegel muscles to function better. This will make them stronger enabling them to reverse sexual and urinary problems. There are specific exercises programs to strengthen these Kegel muscles that will result in:


  • Stronger and bigger erections
  • Powerful ejaculations
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Prevent premature  ejaculations
  • Healthy prostate
  • Stop post urinary dribble

The exercises for Erectile Dysfunction program involve a combination of holding, contracting and releasing the Kegel muscles. They also involve pranks and squats.

Pelvic RX

One of the best doctor approved product on the market for the kegel exercises is called Pelvic RX. It is produced by top sexual health teachers, Urologists and Physiotherapists. A simple to follow DVD and Online access program that will guide the user through the exercise routine. The exercises can be done in the privacy of one’s home without any special equipment. When used consistently, the user will soon notice improvements with his sexual health and urinary issues.

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