Getting stronger and harder erections naturally

One issue that occupy a lot of men especially after a particular age is how they can maintain stronger and harder erections. A man can lose strength of his erection due to various psychological and physiological reasons. Needless to say, it causes a lot of anxiety and frustration to the man and his partner.

Psychological reasons for weaker erections

If a man is anxious about his performance, it will affect his sexual confidence and more often than not, weaken his erections. Many men are also overly fixated on the size of their organ. This is sometimes brought by watching too much pornography. Stress and worries also weaken the arousal. And if he is not attracted to his partner, it will affect his libido.

Physiological reasons for weaker erections

Weak pelvic floor muscles will produce weak erections. These are the muscles that are responsible for pumping blood to the male organ and pumping ejaculations. Age, lack of exercising these muscles and wrong diet also contribute to weak and soft erections. Diseases like diabetes, prostate issues and of the testicles which produce the male hormone testosterone affect libido and hence the strength of erections.

How to get a stronger and a harder erection without surgery.

There are many methods and treatments in the market with promises of increasing erectile strength is by stimulating more flow of blood to the male organ. Some are surgical, supplementary and others dietary. There are also many aids in the erectile dysfunction industry. Many of them don’t work. A few do. The problem for many men is to differentiate the fakes ones from the effective ones.

One of those that stand out is The PHALLOSAN.

It uses a simple principle that has been long used in some parts of Africa. Men increase the size of their manhoods and women, like the Baganda of Uganda, the size of their clitorises and labias by continous pulling those organs. Over time, the particular organ increases in size and length. The PHALLOSAN is an orthopedic system using vacuum suction. It is made up of six aids, namely, a Suction Ball and a Bell, Sleeve Condom, Protector Cap, Tension Clip and an Elastic belt.

Penis Enlargement

It is also used for penis enlargement and straightening of curved penises. This is a clinically tested mechanical method of stimulating increase in the length and girth of the male organ by continuous exertion. This increases more blood flow to the penis. It is also used is for erectile function recovery for after prostate surgery. Used for some time, many have reported reversals with erectile and size issues. If you have been having with your manhood, it may be worth your while to try it out.