What Makes ProSolution Plus an Effective Cure For Premature Ejaculation

What makes ProSolution Plus an effective cure for premature ejaculation.

Have you ever wondered what causes premature ejaculation? The truth is there are so many reasons and factors that can cause loss of ejaculatory control. Some are physiological and others psychological. Many are caused by anxiety and others by weak pelvic muscles. The point is the man is unable to control when to ejaculate, leading to frustration for both him and his partner. Sometimes, there is no really one reason at all. While doing the right kegel exercises will strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculatory control, it takes time and a quick solution may be more appropriate. Fortunately, there are now natural supplements like ProSolution Plus that cure premature ejaculation.

Natural male sexual supplement

It is estimated that almost a third of all men suffer from premature ejaculation. Just as well in 2013, that somebody came up with ProSolution Plus. ProSolution Plus uses traditional Amazonian, Chinese and Asian herbal supplements that have been used for a hundred of years to boost sexual healthy and solve erectile dysfunction problems. It was launched into the sexual health market as a solution for premature ejaculation and other men sexual problems. Many men have been suffering in silence, many out of ignorance for lack of knowledge. Many men and their partners have their confidence back and now lead satisfactory and fulfilled sexual lives.

Cures premature ejaculation by 64%

In clinical trials, ProSolution Plus cures Premature Ejaculation by 64%. It is a natural supplement with minimal side effects. But what makes it so effective? What does it contain that made it so popular in a market saturated with all sorts of other competing products. Below, is an analysis of the main ingredients that make it so effective over the competition.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has been used for ages to boost libido. It is said to increase nitric acid in the body which boosts production of testosterone. It is also said to keep the urinary tract healthy. Studies carried in rats in 2008 found out that it increased ejaculatory and recovery time. However, the jury is still out non how effective plant is as a sexual enhancer.

Withania Somnifera

Often utilized in Ayurvedic prescription, withania somnifera for produci9ng a relaxed mood which is most ideal for those men who suffer from performance anxiety. It also produces an increase in nitrix oxide which promotes better circulation to the genital areas.

Asparagus Adscendens

Asparagus may not be very well-known among natural aphrodisiacs but it comes packed with nutrients, minerals like potassium and vitamins that cause heightened sexual excitement. It is commonly found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Himalayas and India. It is known as a fertility plant due to its abundance of tannin, saponins, alkaloids and proteins. It has been known down the ages as promoting lust in women and men.

Mucuna Pruriens

Known as the velvet bean, it is a natural happy mood enhancing plant found in tropical Asia and Africa. It is said to cause happiness mood by stimulating production of the dopamine in the brain which boosts libido and is has been traditionally been used as fertility bean. It is said to increase sperm quality and quantity. macuna has also been used to increase testosterone levels.

Asteracantha Longifolia

Clinical studies have shown that this plant increased sperm count and energy due to its fructose. Mount recurrence, sperm volume and more interesting, increased interest in female opposite sex. Asteracantha is a plant utilized in Ayurvedic drug accepted to build fructose levels in the original vesicles. These are the rounded organs that produce semen.

Curculigo Orchiodes

A product of China, India and japan, it is an endangered testosterone boosting plant. In 2007, scientists found that the rhizomes in curciligo orchioides helped penile erection, mating and recurrence of sexual movement. It is a safe and natural testosterone booster.

Asphaltum (Shilajit)

Shilajit creates in rock crevices in the Himalayas and focal Asia. It is said to increase testosterone levels by up- to 20%. In men, it is said to increase sperm count. It is packed with more than 85 nutrients and minerals that may offer assurance against numerous infirmities, including joint inflammation and GI issue. In any case, it’s the sexual well being applications that are important to you, and there’s a lot of that with shilajit – proof of its usefullness, better sexual well being and better ejaculation control.

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